TOMS Designers at Nordstrom Mall

Nordstrom Mall of Georgia at 1 pm
3333 Buford Dr, Suite #1040, Buford, GA

Want new shoes to match an outfit, fashionably complete an assemblage, make an impression? How about a very unique and authentic design created by a designer in Atlanta?

Designers and I will provide paint and design shoes. Visit Nordstrom Mall in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, Sept 3rd. Buy a pair of TOMS, and an assistant will guide you to a Designer. After that, watch the designer paint expertly.

Ey’ Bro! There is going to be tons of creativity where I’m attending. Have an idea? What would you like on a pair of shoes? Download my shoe template at the bottom. Bring it to Nordstrom this weekend filled with a description.  I will provide some designs here on before the following weekend, to choose from.

See it and have it done! Don’t be late! The shoe design extravaganza begins at 1pm and the list of commissions end at 5pm.



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