Greatest gaming moment

You can’t tell from this frame, but I’m dancing the cabbage-patch. BOOYAH!

You seriously don’t know what  the cabbage patch is. Yeah, I got you a video. Hot move from the 80’s

What’s your greatest game moment?

My fondest game moment. Collecting celestial weapons for all the characters in FFX. Sounds like a miniscule endeavor. Ha! One may think it’s easy chasing and poking balloons in this Chocobo race. To obtain a Sun Sigil, one had to succeed a perfect time while angry birds- yeah I said it. tried to hurt you. Sounds simple. No siree! Tedious should be a nickname for Tidus. With a bit of careful anger management, and sanity loosely attached; that was all it took for Tidus to wield his celestial sword.

Oh…yeah! Have you seen a space cadet do the hammer time? I knew you couldn’t resist.

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