Back to Friday References

I felt initial embarrassment pulling this up in archives last night. This piece is riddled with reminiscence – partly inspired from a former friend that ceased smoking a year ago and my pitiful moment of starting the habit, which I never liked and quit immediately soon after.

Visioning back to my past. This inked picture is called Marlboro Girl. This was done in 2007 when two friends and I rented a small unfurnished apartment in Midtown Atlanta. All we had collected were an half-empty fridge with Ramen noodles, three air blown bed mattresses, and three various desks for a computer and monitor each. We envisioned our own studio but we never surfaced legitimately with a business name.

Why is this embarrassing? Well, for one, the figure!  The legs and torso is very disproportionate, and working frustratingly for hours to complete a piece most disproportionate. Yikes! I learned my lesson.

It’s best to work with reference when your visual data seems incorrect. Though, I like working from imagination, the best approach to a problem that is incomprehensible is to use a source that comprehends visibly. Again, references saves time, like the least interesting composition of this piece where the shoes I created worthlessly – I still think those shoes are remarkable- shamefully cropped in the end for compositional sake.

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